cloy cloy  /ˈklɔ ɪ/


  1. (v) supply or feed to surfeit
  2. (v) cause surfeit through excess though initially pleasing



  1. Reichl's acute self-satisfaction can, at times, cloy to the point where you're tempted to grab her by that lustrous mane and whirl her into Alice Waters's wood-burning pizza oven.
  2. Such transformations, enhanced by unexpected shifts in scale, are momentarily delightful, but they can also cloy because the drawings are so conventional.
  3. The beer is lightly sweet, but it doesn't cloy the way most dessert wines do.



  • "The fact that Mason Cloy and David Smith, two freshmen played a good bit [is good]," Bowden said. "Landon Walker and Antoine McClain also got some good work. But we still aren't where we need to be. We aren't where we need to be to play in...
    on Sep 7, 2008 By: Tommy Bowden Source: Clemson Tigers Insider

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