chub chub


  • (n) European freshwater game fish with a thick spindle-shaped body



  1. "It was ridiculous, playing that game. But we had to play it because of TV and how much they get for broadcasting those games," Bowa said. "We thought before it even started that it shouldn't have been played. I mean, (then-NL President) Chub...
    on Oct 6, 2008 By: Larry Bowa Source: USA Today

  2. "The government's brief as presented continues to misinterpret key scientific findings related to the humpback chub, status of downstream resources in Grand Canyon, and the need for the Secretary to acknowledge (National Park Service) authorities...
    on Jan 27, 2009 By: Steve Martin Source: San Jose Mercury News

  3. "Also, the chub are a fish that has adapted to the boom or bust conditions we have in the Santa Ana River, which can go from flooded to bone dry in months," Walton said. "There are a lot of people who are interested in this study once we can...
    on Sep 3, 2008 By: Bill Walton Source: Press-Enterprise

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