chronometer chronometer


  • (n) an accurate clock (especially used in navigation)


  1. He invented the marine chronometer.
  2. With no one to note the time for his sights, Oxy's skipper will rely on a specially designed quartz chronometer built into the handle of his sextant.
  3. There, in the small, plain room with its paneled walls and scatter rugs and the picture of a ship and a ticking brass chronometer, doctors found the stricken President.



  • "Riding on track with Marco and Jeremy, for once without the pressure of the chronometer was good fun," said Stoner. "My initial impressions of the tyre were good and so was my feeling with the 848 which has impressed me with the handling,...
    on Mar 18, 2008 By: Casey Stoner Source: Yahoo! Eurosport

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