chopstick chopstick  /ˈtʃɑp ˌstɪk/


  • (n) one of a pair of slender sticks used as oriental tableware to eat food with


  1. You don't make jokes about chopsticks.
  2. His heroes and villains have used chopsticks, pigtails, calligraphy brushes, umbrellas, trash can lids and robe sleeves as impromptu weapons.
  3. One scene, which has Po and Shifu dueling with chopsticks, stilts and tree branches to grab the last available dumpling, is an instant classic.



  1. Harwell added: "You could have knocked me over with a chopstick. I'd never been in this restaurant and certainly didn't know the waiter. It would have seemed like a set-up to the Gunther agency man, except that he was the one who asked about Chinese...
    on May 4, 2010 By: Ernie Harwell Source: USA Today

  2. "You know, catching the knuckleball, it's like trying to catch a fly with a chopstick," Varitek said, back in 2006.
    on Apr 16, 2008 By: Jason Varitek Source: AHN

  3. "We worked out the chopstick fight scene, the legendary chopstick fight scene together," Black told Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith. "But besides that, none."
    on Jun 6, 2008 By: Jack Black Source: CBS News

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