choline choline


  • (n) a B-complex vitamin that is a constituent of lecithin; essential in the metabolism of fat


  1. He then mixed small amounts of diluted choline, a ptomaine, with the rabbits' carrots.
  2. Best later devised a method of drying and storing blood serum and pioneered development of the drugs histamine, heparin and choline.


  • Vitamin B: Choline intake improves memory and attention-holding capacity, experts say

    An experimental study in rats has shown that consuming choline, a vitamin B group nutrient found in foodstuffs like eggs and chicken or beef liver, soy and wheat germ, helps improve long-term memory and attention-holding capacity. The study has revealed that choline is directly involved in attention and memory processes and helps modulate them.
    on July 11, 2013     Source: Science Daily

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