chlorophyll chlorophyll  /ˈklɔ rə fɪl/


  • (n) any of a group of green pigments found in photosynthetic organisms; there are four naturally occurring forms


  1. Green and red are the colors of life: green for the chlorophyll in plants, red for the hemoglobin in blood cells of man and animal.
  2. The word is chlorophyll, the substance that makes plant life green.
  3. Scientists have had a hard time explaining photosynthesis, the action of chlorophyll, on which plant, animal and human life depends.


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  1. "It looks like I am going to turn green without the presence of chlorophyll in me, reason being, I am shooting only against green background for this film," Ajay wrote on his blog
    on Jul 28, 2008 By: Ajay Devgan Source: Masala

  2. "Just as the pigment chlorophyll converts sunlight into chemical energy that allows green plants to live and grow, our research suggests that melanin can use a different portion of the electromagnetic spectrum -- ionizing radiation -- to benefit the...
    on May 22, 2007 By: Albert Einstein Source: Reuters

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