chintz chintz


  • (n) a brightly printed and glazed cotton fabric


  1. Thain reportedly spent a million big ones buying chintz and fancy commodes.
  2. We met in his chintz-laden Green Zone office on the day of the al-Jihad murders.
  3. Rugs, chintz curtains and pastel-tinted walls give a cozy atmosphere.



    Fancy That in Walpole isn’t your grandmother’s tea room, though she would probably enjoy it. There are the classic touches: china everywhere in patterns of gold or blue-and-white chintz, lace decorating the windows, a lovely urn and pitcher in a corner. But the rooms have a clean and bright look rather than stuffy. And then there are the antique sofas upholstered in hot pink.        
    on September 29, 2013     Source:

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  • "I love Annie's stuff," says Francis, stroking a flower-pattern puff. "I love cotton, I love chintz, and I love color."
    on Sep 28, 2006 By: Genie Francis Source: Boston Globe

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