cheroot cheroot


  • (n) a cigar with both ends cut flat


  1. One of the elders, a cheroot-smoking, leathery-skinned man in his 50s, suspects that the real leaders were three hard-line Karen named Rambo, Samoo and Subiya.
  2. Eastwood's image was too clean-cut for an antihero, so Leone added the necessary smudgesslouch hat, black cheroot, stubble beard and a ratty-looking scrape.
  3. Lighting up a cheroot and pouring her self something cold, she eases her large bulk into a chair and begins to talk about herself and her friends: Pablo and Ernest, Scott and Henri.

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  • As Globe film critic Jay Scott wrote, "Who would have thought that the cheroot-smoking, poncho-wearing star of all those surreal spaghetti westerns would turn into one of Hollywood's most daring filmmakers?"
    on Dec 11, 2009 By: Jay Scott Source: Globe and Mail

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