chateaubriand chateaubriand


  1. (n) French statesman and writer; considered a precursor of the romantic movement in France (1768-1848)
  2. (n) a very thick center cut of beef tenderloin


  1. I washed this down with a chateaubriand cheeseburger on a puffy little brioche that was completely perfect.
  2. Also, some airlines, such as Virgin America and Spirit, don't charge much for their upper-class option; just don't expect the champagne and chateaubriand of yore.
  3. If not for Hector's brutal mangling of his chateaubriand, I suspect Mattin would have gone home.


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    J’habite entre le Brie et le Chateaubriand dans la vallee de la Loire. Now, I don’t expect many of you to be able to translate this, but there are three words that should stand out to my fellow foodie-flies: “brie,” (cheese); “Chateaubriand,” (steak), and; “Loire,” (wine).
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Easy Reader


  • Asked who he was now supporting, Murray said: "I would like Jen to win. I think she's fantastic and has gone into it in the spirit it was intended. She was all chicken nuggets and she's now Chateaubriand Queen. I think she's incredible and only 21...
    on Jun 4, 2004 By: Al Murray Source: BBC News

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