charisma charisma  /kə ˈrɪz mə/


  • (n) a personal attractiveness or interestingness that enables you to influence others



  • The charismatic leader brought the crowds but not the votes.


  1. 10 Best Family Cars For Fathers Day

    PORTLAND, Ore. (TheStreet) -- It's a long leap from a greeting card holiday to a bow-on-the-car occasion, but there are dads out there who wouldn't mind making it. Sorry, but if Mercedes Benz gets to make any old 1 percenter's Christmas a "December to Remember," there's no reason the fathers of America can't upgrade their well-worn family cars for something with a little more charisma. We're not ...
    on June 14, 2013     Source:

  2. Daniel Bryan Is the Best All-Around Performer in WWE Right Now

    Once upon a time, CM Punk was widely recognized as the best all-around performer in the WWE . Not anymore. The best all-around performer in the WWE isn ’t Punk, Randy Orton or Dolph Ziggler . It’s Daniel Bryan . It’s rather funny to think that the biggest knock on Bryan was once that, although he was a good wrestler, he lacked the charisma to ever truly succeed on the biggest stage in pro ...
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Bleacher Report

  3. Pat Robertson: Teen Suicide Linked To 'Demonic Games' Like 'Dungeons & Dragons' (VIDEO)

    Pat Robertson, level 8 Delusionist: Intelligence 5, Charisma 10, Wisdom 0.
    on June 11, 2013     Source: The Huffington Post


  1. "The uniqueness of Brett Favre his personality, charisma and love of the game undoubtedly will leave him as one of the enduring figures in NFL history," Thompson added in the statement.
    on Mar 4, 2008 By: Ted Thompson Source:

  2. "Yes, we have old players, but with age comes charisma and the experience of playing in big games. I think we have the right mix of young and old players," Lippi said. "We have nine players from 2006 — that's less than 50 percent. I've...
    on Jun 10, 2010 By: Marcello Lippi Source: The Associated Press

  3. "Tony brings the laughs, a certain charm, and an inescapable charisma," Brooks told the AP. "He's irresistible. Everybody likes Tony Danza."
    on Jun 18, 2007 By: Mel Brooks Source: Washington Post

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