centralism centralism  /ˈsɛn trə ˌlɪ zəm/


  • (n) the political policy of concentrating power in a central organization


  • This time, though, the centralism, dirigisme and state-heavy socialism of l'exception franaise are being replaced by privatization, decentralization and entrepreneurship.


  1. "Every time Barcelona and Madrid meet, it's an act of rebellion against the established power, against centralism," said former Barca striker Hristo Stoichkov.
    on Nov 15, 2008 By: Hristo Stoichkov Source: The South African Star

  2. Lenin explained in 1907: "The principle of democratic centralism and autonomy for local Party organisations implies universal and full freedom to criticise, so long as this does not disturb the unity of a definite action...... Criticism within the...
    on Jul 14, 2008 By: Vladimir Lenin Source: Workers' Liberty

  3. John Howard said yesterday he was not going to "embark upon some orgy of centralism" after legal experts said the High Court's ruling would pave the way for Canberra to seize control of areas including health, education, water and local council...
    on Nov 15, 2006 By: John Howard Source: The Australian

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