causeless causeless


  1. (adj) having no justifying cause or reason
  2. (adj) having no cause or apparent cause



  1. The movies always have a place for at least one causeless rebel whose choler is both enigmatic and unappeasable.
  2. For evil is a concept that blossoms out of the causeless, and crimes against children seem the least explicable of human brutalities.
  3. Brutality in the camp was casual and causeless; what was learned in addition to parroted Marxist self-criticism was fear, hunger and aching homesickness.


  • Although wicked James, with what Stevenson called "deadly, causeless duplicity", can boast "I never yet failed to charm a person when I wanted", honest Henry's only reward for competently running the estates in his absence is the...
    on Jun 30, 2004 By: Robert Louis Stevenson Source:

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