cathexis cathexis


  • (n) (psychoanalysis) the libidinal energy invested in some idea or person or object


  1. For example, says the psychologically oriented playwright, Reilly, after confessing, "reached no cathexis .
  2. Sample liturgical phrase: "narcissistic identification as a preliminary stage to object cathexis" (which means that a person is drawn to other people because they remind him of .


  • INTERVIEW/PROFILE: Interview: Denny Zeitlin on Both/And

    Pianist Denny Zeitlin Denny Zeitlin b.1938 piano 's earliest recordings date back to the early and mid-1960s, when he recorded with Jeremy Steig ( Flute Fever in 1963) and led his own trio ( Cathexis, Carnival, Shining Hour and Zeitgeist ). Denny's approach has always been a masterful synthesis of technique and “brain freedom"—the suspension of pragmatism so that his spirit and hands can run the ...
    on July 29, 2013     Source: All About Jazz

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