caress caress  /kə ˈrɛs/


  1. (n) a gentle affectionate stroking (or something resembling it)
  2. (v) touch or stroke lightly in a loving or endearing manner


  1. The girl may be induced to lie on the floor, where the actors rub against her and caress her.
  2. When her hand touches Beowulf's sword, it turns to water, even as his resolve melts away at her caress.
  3. Beneath his learned, oddly asexual caress, objects come to life and become symbols.


  1. Irish sayings, proverbs and prayers for the July 4th weekend

    You'll love this collection of some of the most-famous words to ever come out of Ireland. May the Irish hills caress you. May her lakes and rivers bless you.
    on July 5, 2013     Source: Irish Central

  2. Avalon home for blind is beach haven

    AVALON - Tatyanna Ditzenberger had never felt the sand between her toes, the sea breeze gently caress her face, or heard the waves crash against the beach.
    on July 2, 2013     Source:


  1. "Brazil is all about smooth moves, vivacious sounds and beautiful skin," Scherzinger says. "That's why I'm thrilled to be recording such a fun, Brazilian remake of my favorite Duran Duran song for Caress. Just like the new Caress Brazilian...
    on Apr 8, 2008 By: Nicole Scherzinger Source: Wired News

  2. To Katie, Tom said: "And do you ken that by the customs of our race you pledge to him, and only him, your kiss and your caress?"
    on Nov 18, 2006 By: Tom Cruise Source: The Age

  3. McEwan describes Edward's campaign in strategic terms: "Between Edward and Florence, nothing happened quickly. Important advances, permissions wordlessly granted to extend what he was allowed to see or caress, were attained only gradually:. Sudden...
    on Jun 3, 2007 By: Ian McEwan Source: Los Angeles Times

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