cardinalate cardinalate


  • (n) cardinals collectively


  1. Not diplomacy or administrative policy dictated the Pope's latest appointments, which bring the cardinalate to the unprecedented number of 68, two less than full strength.
  2. He celebrated the silver jubilee of his elevation, at the hands of Pius X, to the cardinalate.
  3. Besides the immense prestige which comes to a cardinal in his own country, there goes with a cardinalate the duty of participating in the election of a Pope.


  • Francis makes his first mistake

    In advancing four members of the Roman Curia to the cardinalate, Pope Francis has made his first major mistake, which may ultimately undermine his attempts at reforming the Vatican.
    on January 24, 2014     Source: National Catholic Reporter


  • "Early on his cardinalate, he'd shock visiting innocent nuns with his tongue-in-cheek announcement that they were welcome to 'the House of Sin!'" Pimentel said.
    on Aug 29, 2007 By: Aquilino Pimentel Jr Source: GMA

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