carbonization carbonization


  • (n) the destructive distillation of coal (as in coke ovens)


  1. Hundreds of schemes of low-temperature carbonization have been exhaustively investigated.
  2. After a while, a layer of carbon forms on its surface, but carbonization stops as soon as the wood is taken out of the fire.


  • Boulder’s town gas processes and the resulting contamination

    From the time that the first commercial gas utility was formed in London in 1812 until approximately the 1950s, there have been three primary methods for making town gas: the coal carbonization process, the oil gas process and the carburetted water gas process.
    on June 6, 2013     Source: Boulder Weekly


  • "The UK has already demonstrated that de-carbonization does not have to come at economic cost," UK Environment Secretary Margaret Beckett told the opening session this morning. "There are costs of action but compared to the potential costs of...
    on May 11, 2005 By: Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett Source: Environment News Service

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