capitulate capitulate  /kə ˈpɪ tʃu lɪt/


  • (v) surrender under agreed conditions


  1. It was not so much about losing, it was about the shameful way in which the team capitulated without a fight.
  2. Finally the resistance has capitulated because the ragged resistance fighters had no answer to the deadly air attack.
  3. But for the unyielding and magical stops by the goalkeeper, the team would have capitulated midway through the game.


  • Metra CEO memo alleges more Madigan influences

    Metra CEO Alex Clifford contends his refusal to capitulate to House Speaker Michael Madigan's patronage demands angered some agency board members and ultimately led to his downfall, according to a memorandum obtained by the Tribune.        
    on July 13, 2013     Source: Chicago Tribune


  1. "Mr. Wolfowitz will not resign under this cloud and he will rather put this matter to a full (board) vote than to capitulate on his integrity," his lawyer Robert Bennett told Reuters.
    on May 16, 2007 By: Robert Bennett Source: Reuters UK

  2. "The president is not going to get a bill that has nothing on it," Reid said. "It would be wrong for this legislative branch of government to capitulate to this wrong-headed policy that the vice president and the president have been leading."
    on Apr 16, 2007 By: Harry Reid Source: Forbes

  3. "We don't want to be that team that got beat by Adelaide after what happened against Melbourne," Reddy said. "If they want to capitulate ...... we don't care. We don't want to be here next year saying we lost the last two (preliminary...
    on Feb 15, 2009 By: Liam Reddy Source: The Canberra Times

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