cannibalize cannibalize  /ˈkæ nə bə ˌlaɪz/


  1. (v) eat human flesh
  2. (v) use parts of something to repair something else



  1. By crowding us in like Dairy Queens, you cannibalize the price, cannibalize the service, cannibalize the reputation of the dealer.
  2. America worked well in the 50's not because of pure capitalism but because pure capitalism was not allowed to cannibalize American values.
  3. We have to be careful not to cannibalize our own product.


  • Free People Gets 10% of Its Online Sales From App in 1st Week

    Free People, Urban Outfitters' bohemian fashion label, released its first mobile app in Apple's App Store two weeks ago The app , which is largely designed to facilitate purchasing, was downloaded 24,000 times in its first week, logging 100,000 user sessions and accounting for between 7% and 10% of Free People's online sales that week. The app didn't cannibalize sales on Free People's three-year ...
    on July 15, 2013     Source: Mashable


  1. "This figure for one bill is enormous, and we have to remember this is one bill," Mr. Holland said. "When you start thinking about all of the other [crime] bills - 13 - this can crush Canada's budget, it can destroy and cannibalize the other...
    on Jun 22, 2010 By: Mark Holland Source: Globe and Mail

  2. Those declining sales are "the reason we developed the iPod Touch," Oppenheimer said. "We expect our traditional MP3 players to decline overtime as we cannibalize ourselves with iPod Touch and iPhone."
    on Jul 21, 2009 By: Peter Oppenheimer Source: CNET News

  3. "For six months, the chancellor has been trying to cannibalize Criswell College to fund his building program at the church, which will cost $170 to $240 million," Dr. Johnson said in an e-mailed response to questions. "Furthermore, the...
    on Aug 2, 2008 By: Samuel Johnson Source: Dallas Morning News

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