canister canister  /ˈkæ nə stər/


  1. (n) a metallic cylinder packed with shot and used as ammunition in a firearm
  2. (n) metal container for storing dry foods such as tea or flour



  1. A haunting new book filled with photos of canisters containing cremated remains is a meditation on death, beauty and memory.
  2. At Al-Faw's small army base, nearly 30 butane gas canisters sit in the back of a truck, which the soldiers say was confiscated that morning.
  3. It's made by combining regular espresso with sugar and a secret ingredient, then squirting it out of a canister like whipped cream.


  1. Brazil protesters keep up pressure on government

    A protester kicks a gas canister during a demonstration a in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Monday, June 17, 2013. Thousands took to the streets in largely peaceful protests in at least eight cities in Brazil Monday, demonstrations that voiced the deep frustrations Brazilians feel about carrying heavy tax burdens but receiving woeful returns in public education, health, security and transportation.
    on June 19, 2013     Source: Journal Gazette & Times-Courier


    A policeman fired tear gas canister at protesters in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sunday, June 16, 2013. Brazilian police have dispersed a small protest against a public transport fare hike that broke out in front of Rio de Janeiro's Maracana stadium ahead of the Mexico-Italy soccer match during the Confederations Cup.
    on June 18, 2013     Source: Stamford Advocate

  3. Protesters in Istanbul try to regroup as Turkish PM says it's his 'duty' to remove activists from city center

    AFP/Getty ImagesA protester throws back a tear gas canister at riot police during clashes between police and demonstrators in the streets adjacent to Taksim square in Istanbul. ISTANBUL — Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Sunday it was his "duty" to order riot police to evict activists occupying an...
    on June 16, 2013     Source: New York Post

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  1. "Imagine those 19 hijackers with other weapons and other plans -- this time armed by Saddam," Bush said in his State of the Union message last year, before the war. "It would take one vial, one canister, one crate slipped into this country to...
    on Jun 16, 2004 By: President Bush Source: Newsday

  2. Replacing it is complicated, Whitson said, "because it's really the guts of what's holding the solar array in place. And so Dan and I will have to coordinate when we release and grapple onto the (motor housing) canister in order not to lose the...
    on Jan 29, 2008 By: Peggy Whitson Source: Spaceflight Now

  3. "I seriously doubt most Americans will want to drive a car where they are one or two feet from a 5,000 pound-per-square-inch canister of hydrogen," says Romm, author of Hell or High Water, which examines the viability of alternative fuels.
    on May 25, 2007 By: Joseph Romm Source: Fuel Cell Works (press release)

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