calve calve


  1. (v) release ice
  2. (v) birth



  1. It certainly looks that way as sections of ice the size of small states calve from the disintegrating Arctic and Antarctic.
  2. The glacier ends where melting causes icebergs to calve off, and we see that each year the glacier has retreated farther and farther away from the sea.
  3. Most important of all are the more than 130,000 caribou of the Porcupine herd, which migrates each spring onto the coastal plain to calve.


  • Molly Rettig: Scientists work to understand melting of glaciers

    Every summer, Alaska's glaciers melt and send vast quantities of water gushing through silty gray rivers, past towns and villages and finally into the sea. Some glaciers calve directly into the ocean, instantly losing car-sized chunks of ice and wowing boats full of tourists.
    on June 8, 2013     Source: Anchorage Daily News

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