callus callus  /ˈkæ ləs/


  1. (n) an area of skin that is thick or hard from continual pressure or friction (as the sole of the foot)
  2. (n) bony tissue formed during the healing of a fractured bone
  3. (n) (botany) an isolated thickening of tissue, especially a stiff protuberance on the lip of an orchid
  4. (v) cause a callus to form on
  5. (v) form a callus or calluses


  1. That said, ladak531 needs to be disabused of several of the horrifically callus and psychopathic notions he has espoused.
  2. He got his first callus when a tinhorn took him for his last cent.
  3. A callus at the base of the left little finger indicates a stone cutter, who braces his chisel with his little finger.


  • Shell's new CEO reinforces gas technology focus

    By Andrew Callus LONDON (Reuters) - Royal Dutch Shell named refining head Ben van Beurden as its new chief executive, picking a man with little board-level experience but broad company exposure and first-hand knowledge of the gas technology it has bet its future on. Van Beurden, who became head of refining, marketing and chemicals in January, has been at the Anglo-Dutch group for 30 years and ...
    on July 9, 2013     Source: Reuters via Yahoo! News

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  1. "It was actually the inning before," Beckett said. "I have a callus on my toe. When you get a little sweaty, calluses get a little soft, and it's almost like a rip, a cut on my toe where that callus is. I could make some adjustments when I...
    on Mar 17, 2009 By: Josh Beckett Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. "There are folks in the economic gang at the White House who've never had a shovel in their hands or a callus on their fingers," Oberstar said.
    on Jun 24, 2009 By: Jim Oberstar Source: Detroit Free Press

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