calculable calculable


  • (adj) capable of being calculated or estimated


  1. The economic benefits are large and calculable.
  2. A magnet twists polarized light to a calculable extent.
  3. Whatever had caused the blast, its effects, were calculableand immense.


  • Reader Discussion: How Important Is The PlayStation 4's Week Of Next-Gen Exclusivity?

    The PlayStation 4 launches November 15. The Xbox One launches exactly one week later on November 22. Will that seven-day difference have a calculable impact on the next-gen console battle? No one is denying that coming first is a tremendous help. The Xbox 360’s head start against the PlayStation 3 was a huge factor in that console’s success. Do you think the PlayStation 4’s one week of ...
    on September 7, 2013     Source: Game Informer


  1. "I've concluded that there is not much gain that is inherent in the treaty negotiated thus far, but that the loss arising from not ratifying it is certainly calculable and is definite," Sen. Mar Roxas told the Foreign Correspondents Association...
    on Jan 15, 2008 By: Mar Roxas Source: Forbes

  2. Legal Realism: In a 1996 Suffolk University Law Review article, Sotomayor wrote: "Yet law must be more or less impermanent, experimental and therefore not nicely calculable. Much of the uncertainty of law is not an unfortunate accident: it is of...
    on Jul 13, 2009 By: Sonia Sotomayor Source:

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