buttonhook buttonhook


  • (n) a hook for pulling a button through a buttonhole


  1. It was a counterrevolution as drastic as a full-scale revival of the 1914 Pierce-Arrow, the buttonhook and the mustache cup.
  2. At Raleigh Prison, one John Wilson got an impression of his room's keyhole with chewing-gum, made a key to match out of a buttonhook, walked out at night.
  3. He dresses himself with a buttonhook -- painstaking exercise for a man without the use of one arm, struggling through the top button of his shirt and the knot on his tie by himself.

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  • "It's a timing thing," Weber said. "We spread them out with four guys on the perimeter. Then it's kind of a buttonhook in football. It's a timing pattern. He loops in there. He can pick either side. Our guys were patient and took good shots....
    on Feb 22, 2009 By: Bruce Weber Source: Freeport Journal-Standard

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