burdock burdock


  • (n) any of several erect biennial herbs of temperate Eurasia having stout taproots and producing burs


  1. The fields were tangled with tall, unmown yellow grass; meadows were snarled with burdock and thistle.
  2. Connoisseurs start with a daiginjo like Higan from Niigata prefecture, which boasts a pretty transparency and refreshing taste that goes well with salty burdock-root chips.
  3. He must lie immobile in brambles half the years of his life, or crouch in duck boats, shin up tall trees, wiggle all day through burdock.


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  1. Caroline Chisholm, head of communications at the Vegetarian Society, said: "We're delighted to see that the North of England now boasts two of the best veggie restaurants in the UK. Congratulations to both the Waiting Room and Dandelion & Burdock...
    on Dec 13, 2008 By: Caroline Chisholm Source: GazetteLive

  2. In her brief introductory remarks, Malcolm explains the rationale behind the work: "For three successive summers, on the top-floor landing of a house in the Berkshires, I have been photographing burdock leaves. I prop them in small glass bottles and...
    on Mar 12, 2009 By: Janet Malcolm Source: Jewish Exponent

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