bryony bryony


  • (n) a vine of the genus Bryonia having large leaves and small flowers and yielding acrid juice with emetic and purgative properties


  • But while robust Poet Frost nevertheless finds permanent solace among his Vermont hills and pastures, in the minds of Poets Warner Ackland the bryony and woodbine of which they .


  • Royal naming history

      By Bryony Jones, CNN London (CNN) – Way back in the mists of time, when schoolkids were expected to learn seemingly endless lists of facts off by heart, they chanted a poem to remember the names of England’s kings …
    on July 23, 2013     Source: FOX 43 Harrisburg


  • Jimmy Mulville, MD of Hat Trick Productions, said: "This collaboration with the amazing Bryony Matthewman is part of a commitment to making digital entertainment online an integral part of Hat Trick's future."
    on Jul 7, 2008 By: Jimmy Mulville Source: C21Media

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