brontosaurus brontosaurus  /b ˌrɔn tə ˈsɔ rəs/


  • (n) huge quadrupedal herbivorous dinosaur common in North America in the late Jurassic


  1. There are also no detectable corners in that snaking brontosaurus house, a proposal from 2005 that Kaplicky calls Villa.
  2. Between one queuetopian brontosaurus and another, many voters will choose the brontosaurus they have.
  3. It's very strange to see my cleavage the size of a brontosaurus.



  • "The literature always said that the reason birds had sacs was so they could breathe when they fly. But I don't know of any brontosaurus that could fly," Ward said.
    on Oct 31, 2003 By: Peter Ward Source: Science Daily (press release)

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