bronchitis bronchitis  /brɑŋ ˈkaɪ təs/


  • (n) inflammation of the membranes lining the bronchial tubes


  1. Chronic bronchitis is an inflammation of the airway.
  2. More severe cases are often mistaken for bronchitis and tuberculosis.
  3. It can lead to lung cancer and heart disease, exacerbate asthma and cause pneumonia and bronchitis in babies.


  1. Melissa Errico Comments on Being "Fired" From Classic Stage Company's Passion in Personal Blog

    Tony Award nominee Melissa Errico was forced to withdraw from the Off-Broadway revival of Passion due to complications from bronchitis. The actress recently posted an in-depth blog on her website about the experience, which led to her termination from the acclaimed musical revival.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Playbill

  2. Bolivar staffers share photos of mold creeping into city hall 22 years ago

    Some employees we spoke with even joked about a "City Hall Syndrome" - headaches, sniffles and bronchitis. BOLIVAR, Mo -- It's like a black mark on Bolivar city politics.
    on June 11, 2013     Source: KSPR Springfield

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  1. "Nobody knows that," Thompson said. "I've been very sick. ...... I was very sick the day of the debate. I had all of the problems with the flu and bronchitis that you have, including running to the bathroom. I was just hanging on. I could not...
    on May 12, 2007 By: Tommy Thompson Source: Washington Post

  2. "We just got back yesterday from a shambles of a trip to the South Pacific, where I came down with bronchitis and almost drowned snorkelling as a result," Lord Black wrote to Seth Lipsky, the editor of the New York Sun newspaper.
    on Apr 11, 2007 By: Conrad Black Source: Times Online

  3. "She's 100 percent better now," Dupri said. "She was really sick. She had bronchitis. She's in Japan right now. She's better and doing all the promotion that she didn't get to do because she was sick when the album launched."
    on Apr 10, 2008 By: Jermaine Dupri Source:

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