brilliantine brilliantine


  • (n) a pomade to make the hair manageable and lustrous


  1. I had been mischievous and had messed up an expensive jar of my father's 4711 pale-green scented brilliantine.
  2. Michael Arlen, called brilliantine if not brilliant, has taken all Mayfair for his province.
  3. He was offended by the chummy back-room politics of ward heelers who put brilliantine in their hair, so he relied on Theodore Isaacs as a go-between with the Daley machine.


  • "I've never seen anyone change less," Bolcom said. "Sure, Jimmy's deepened and matured, but he's the same boy who used to brilliantine his hair -- as we all did. Of course, he's let it grow out since. That's the major difference."
    on Feb 24, 2008 By: William Bolcom Source: Bloomberg

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