brickbat brickbat  /b ˈrɪk ˌbæt/


  1. (n) a fragment of brick used as a weapon
  2. (n) blunt criticism


  1. So was Baron von Steuben, who, while pleading with the Governor not to use force, got hit by a brickbat and fell bleeding to the street.
  2. In the fierce tension, there was the ever present danger that a single soldier's itchy trigger finger, or a brickbat hurled by a bitter West German, could touch off the fuse.
  3. SPA's weightiest brickbat had been the charge that Alcoa had blocked the disposal of surplus Government aluminum plants.


  • AFL-CIO induces Loeb labor pains

    Labor unions have lobbed another brickbat at billionaire Dan Loeb and his $13 billion hedge fund, Third Point. The AFL-CIO, the nation’s largest federation of labor organizations, is lobbying regulators to require that Third Point Re, Loeb’s Bermuda-based reinsurance unit, undergo more scrutiny. The federation fired off a...
    on August 13, 2013     Source: New York Post

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