brezhnev brezhnev  /b ˈrɛz nəv/


  • (n) Soviet statesman who became president of the Soviet Union (1906-1982)


  1. Belarusian Organization Calling on Germany to Expand Sanctions Against Belarus. With a Kiss.

    BERLIN, Aug. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The famous Berlin Wall mural depicting Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev passionately kissing Eastern German General Secretary Erich Honecker should be replaced with Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko kissing German Chancellor Angela...
    on August 12, 2013     Source: PR Newswire

  2. Russophile No More: Vladimir Putin, we're breaking up

    Opinion: Hey, Vlad. Two things. First, I'm mad at you. Since I'm gay, you could've guessed as much. But I've really got to get this off my chest, because I don't think you understand how deep this goes. As a child of the Cold War, Russia's been a big part in my worldview for ages. I've yet to meet anyone else who paid to see 1985's Soviet-sympathetic Letter to Brezhnev in the theater. As a high ...
    on August 8, 2013     Source: Metro Weekly


  1. "When Leonid Brezhnev stripped us of our citizenship in 1978, we were obliterated," Rostropovich recalled in a 1997 interview in Strad magazine. "Russia was in my heart - in my mind. I suffered because I knew that until the day I died, I...
    on Apr 27, 2007 By: Mstislav Rostropovich Source: Forbes

  2. McCain contrasted Obama's position to that of Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, saying, "Roosevelt didn't talk with (Adolf) Hitler, Reagan didn't talk with (Soviet leader Leonid) Brezhnev or his two successors until (Mikhail)...
    on May 19, 2008 By: Ronald Reagan Source: Reuters

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