brainwashing brainwashing  /b ˈreɪn ˌwɑ ʃɪŋ/


  • (n) forcible indoctrination into a new set of attitudes and beliefs


  1. The agency's search for the secret of brainwashing The apartments in New York City and San Francisco were tarted up with red draperies, dressing tables trimmed in black.
  2. Despite the defense's strategy of brainwashing, her two-month trial in 1976 led to a seven-year sentence.
  3. Depriving the human mind of all sensation is the best preparation for brainwashing.


  • Peter Chianca: Happy Father's Day! Now get out

    A new survey shows that a full-two thirds of grown children, if forced to choose, would pick Mom over Dad to move in with them later in life. This is proof that mothers spend years brainwashing their children to prefer them over their fathers, mainly by sneakily doing most of the child rearing while the fathers are watching sports on TV.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Amesbury News


  1. "I'd just had the greatest brainwashing that anybody can get," George Romney told a television reporter.
    on Dec 14, 2007 By: George Romney Source: Guardian Unlimited

  2. Answering a local TV interviewer's question about the war, Romney Sr. replied: "Well, you know when I came back from Vietnam, I had just had the greatest brainwashing that anyone can get."
    on Aug 12, 2007 By: Mitt Romney Source: Seattle Post Intelligencer

  3. Celebrated author and columnist Thomas Sowell adds, "If sanity ever returns to the academic world, part of the credit will go to a small newspaper called Campus Report, which has exposed innumerable incidents of brainwashing replacing education on...
    on Nov 28, 2006 By: Thomas Sowell Source: The Conservative Voice

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