bouillon bouillon  /ˌbu ˈwɪ lən/


  • (n) a clear seasoned broth


  1. On a recent trip to a hot-pot restaurant in China's Sichuan province, they sampled a spicy noodle soup that they hope to reproduce in bouillon.
  2. When Tom was depressed, his stomach lining, which usually reddened and increased its secretion of acid after a dose of beef bouillon, hardly responded at all to such feeding.
  3. Supper was served before 1:00 for the elderly, who took a glass of champagne, a cup of bouillon, a roll, and their departure.


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  1. "Ornamentaion this season, in true Roman style, is restrained and restricted to bibs of colorful, engineered stones and metal bouillon treat artfully cut into collars, necklaces and ornaments of leaves and flowers worn both on and off the...
    on Sep 7, 2007 By: Vera Wang Source: Washington Post

  2. "Francis Bouillon is a key element of our defensive squad," said Canadiens general manager Bob Gainey. "Very well respected by his teammates and admired by our fans, he is a player who showed a great deal of perseverance since his debut in...
    on Jul 1, 2006 By: Bob Gainey Source:

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