bouillabaisse bouillabaisse


  • (n) highly seasoned Mediterranean soup or stew made of several kinds of fish and shellfish with tomatoes and onions or leeks and seasoned with saffron and garlic and herbs


  1. While there might be only one right way to make bouillabaisse in France, there's always a new argument about how to barbecue.
  2. He has taught his Irish landlady how to make bouillabaisse, goulash, spaghetti sauces.
  3. A bouillabaisse terrine set on mussels and a creamy saffron sauce for $10.


  • Andrew Carmellini's Lafayette is baked in charm

    When I finally got around to ordering Lafayette’s bouillabaisse royale, an argument-starter since Andrew Carmellini’s endlessly awaited “grand cafe” opened in mid-April, they’d dropped it: “Too hot for it now,” the waitress explained to my chagrin. But the way Lafayette’s not-entirely French menu relentlessly bends to...
    on June 19, 2013     Source: New York Post

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  1. "There's a huge boom going on in alternative, renewable and new technologies, and it wouldn't be happening without the bouillabaisse of incentives, mandates, subsidies and the related group of ingredients," said Daniel Yergin, the chairman of...
    on May 27, 2007 By: Daniel Yergin Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. In 2002, RW Apple Jr., the Times reporter and noted bon vivant, wrote that "controversy clings to bouillabaisse like barnacles to a ship. Is it a soup? Perhaps not, because the broth and the solids are eaten separately. Is it a stew? Surely not,...
    on Mar 12, 2010 By: RW Apple Source: New York Times

  3. Somebody asked about the position of Hollywood in world cinema _ the promised land for filmmakers, perhaps _ and Linson replied, "It doesn't feel like heaven. It feels like bouillabaisse."
    on May 25, 2008 By: Art Linson Source:

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