bossism bossism


  • (n) domination of a political organization by a party boss


  1. Fact was that the labor bossism issue was a sleeper and much of the whistling was in the dark.
  2. He took on the Kennedy Administration, tied it to big-city bossism and machine politics.
  3. Stalin, after maneuvering Trotsky out of office by the tactics of political bossism.

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  1. "Our members understand that in an age concentrating wealth and globalizing corporate ownership, we have to organize ourselves on a scale to compete and win. That means declaring the era of old local bossism is over," Stern said.
    on Dec 12, 2008 By: Andy Stern Source: MarketWatch

  2. "No Democrat should shut up," Sharpton said. "The idea that people should not run is 'boss-ism.' ...... I know that Governor Dean and Al Gore love the Internet -- www.bossism doesn't work on my computer."
    on Dec 10, 2003 By: Al Sharpton Source: CNN

  3. "It'd be devastating to the present system," said Paul Jacob of US Term Limits. "The leadership does not rule with an iron fist any more in term-limited legislatures. It's eliminated bossism."
    on Jan 23, 2005 By: Paul Jacob Source: San Diego Union Tribune

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