borer borer  /ˈbɔ rər/


  1. (n) a drill for penetrating rock
  2. (n) any of various insects or larvae or mollusks that bore into wood


  1. An indirect effect of this corn stalk utilization is the prevention of pesty corn borer spread.
  2. In that tiny package was a noxious pest, the European corn borer.
  3. Lydella does no harm to crops and attacks no insect except the corn borer.


  1. Rosemont Program Aimed To Head Off Ash Borer Disease

    Rosemont Park Dist. commissioners yesterday (Tuesday) voted to treat 92 park trees including 28 Ash trees that could become infested by Emerald Ash Borer disease.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Journal & Topics Newspapers

  2. Bleak future for local ash trees

    The impact that the emerald ash borer has had on this area’s ash tree population is evident by the thousands of trees that have had to be chopped down over the past few years.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Kane County Chronicle

  3. Emerald ash borer poses threat to N.H. trees

    It's likely you've heard the news: The emerald ash borer (EAB), an invasive pest from Asia that has killed tens of millions of trees in the eastern United States and Canada, has been found in Concord. This column will give you essential information on...
    on June 8, 2013     Source: Portsmouth Herald


  1. "Invasive species like the Emerald Ash Borer are a blight on our economy and our ecosystem, with the potential to wreck havoc for businesses in a number of industries, including furniture makers, lumber mills and sporting goods manufacturers,"...
    on Jul 1, 2010 By: Charles Schumer Source: (press release)

  2. "This is a pretty important time, especially with this new find of emerald ash borer in our city. It's important to have extra help," Mueller said.
    on Oct 7, 2009 By: Karl Mueller Source: Forbes

  3. "The Government of Canada is working hard to limit the spread of the emerald ash borer," said Minister Gerry Ritz. "We all have a responsibility to do what we can to protect Canada's valuable forests and the Government of Canada is committed...
    on Feb 18, 2008 By: Gerry Ritz Source: Market Wire (press release)

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