bootmaker bootmaker


  • (n) a maker of boots


  1. Tamburlani told the bootmaker that the heels had to be hollow because the boots were intended for an official who needed a hiding place for secret documents.
  2. In the back of his own shop on Hollywood's Victory Boulevard, he often works side-by-side with his ten Mexican tailors, his leatherworker and his bootmaker.
  3. That was when his luggage got lost in Singapore, a local bootmaker made him up a pair of shoes overnight, and the left one pinched.


  • Lincoln's favorite boots shine again in Sebastopol

    It took a year, thousands of dollars and two trips to D. C., but Sebastopol bootmaker Michael Carnacchi has completed a replica pair of the boots worn by Abraham Lincoln when he was shot.
    on November 25, 2013     Source: The Santa Rosa Press Democrat

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