bonhomie bonhomie


  • (n) a disposition to be friendly and approachable (easy to talk to)


  1. She has won plaudits not by bonhomie but by a quiet, no-frills stress on competence.
  2. Either way, there might not be as much bonhomie during those on-the-hour cable news network interviews with the Hurricane Center staff during storms this year.
  3. Language is at first a barrier, but the bonhomie of the French is infectious, and the troops unbend and agree to pose.



  1. "We will try to maintain the bonhomie with Congress till the last moment...... but there is a limit to flexibility," Singh said in reply to a question on SP's equation with Congress in the coming days.
    on Jan 8, 2009 By: Mulayam Singh Yadav Source: Hindu

  2. "It was organised bedlam. Sometimes you would get there testy and grumpy after a bad loss, but it wasn't long before the bonhomie engulfed you. There was always a bit of fun," Barassi said. "Everyone took their kids in there. One time my son...
    on Mar 17, 2009 By: Ron Barassi Source: Melbourne Herald Sun

  3. "This year, the morning namaz was read out even at smaller mosques so that the big mosques don't get crowded like in previous years. But people on the whole are not stepping out. There was more bonhomie and cheer previously," said Babur Ali, 20,...
    on Oct 2, 2008 By: Babur Source: (blog)

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