bobbin bobbin  /ˈbɑ bən/


  • (n) a winder around which thread or tape or film or other flexible materials can be wound



  1. Quick-witted, shrewd and resilient, he survived a Dickensian adolescence that included working as a bobbin boy in a textile mill.
  2. Instead of a bobbin and shuttle, the new machines pushed loops of yarn back and forth through a mat like a sewing machine, and did it seven to eight times faster than looms.
  3. Their ponderous paeans to Lenin and heroic bobbin tenders go into official displays such as the Venice Biennale and Expo 67.


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  1. "I feel like I'm bobbin' and weavin'," said manager Jerry Manuel. "Every now and then I get caught. Bam!"
    on Aug 25, 2008 By: Jerry Manuel Source: Hartford Courant

  2. "We're a private, family organization, and we don't comment or speculate," Gillett said. "I was at 11 (NASCAR) races last year, but nobody saw me. I'm a fan. I've sponsored racecars, and I used to race myself. I'm the best flobbin bobbin...
    on Mar 25, 2007 By: George Gillett Source:

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