bloodthirstiness bloodthirstiness


  • (n) a disposition to shed blood


  1. But the Simbas still took the palm for bloodthirstiness.
  2. And by ferocity I don't mean bloodthirstiness.
  3. In the Davison marksmanship there was no clue to identify the killerboth are excellent shotsnor in their respective degrees of bloodthirstiness.


  1. "Henry is not only England's best-known king -- with his wives, his girth and his bloodthirstiness -- he is also our most important single ruler," David Starkey, a historian who is curating the exhibition, told Reuters. "When he came to the...
    on Feb 13, 2009 By: David Starkey Source: Reuters

  2. "Far more than their bloodthirstiness," Chua writes, "ethnic and religious tolerance allowed the Mongols to achieve and maintain world dominance."
    on Nov 11, 2007 By: Amy Chua Source: Los Angeles Times

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