bloodiness bloodiness


  1. (n) the state of being bloody
  2. (n) a disposition to shed blood


  1. The high mark of judicial bloodiness came with Henry VIII, of whose subjects 72,000 were executed.
  2. The really memorable princes in Prescott's collection are those theatrical exceptions who distinguish themselves not by bloodiness but by generosity and whimsy.
  3. As I read the account of the battle I had the feeling of reliving some of its humor yes, humor its coldness and its bloodiness.


  1. Nettles, awarded an OBE yesterday, said: "It threw up the sheer bloodiness of the experience, the horror of it, which I hadn't known about, certainly how many people had died. Also the treatment of the Jewish population and those who tried to...
    on Jun 12, 2010 By: John Nettles Source:

  2. "This is how people lived," added Jane Tranter, the BBC's controller of drama commissioning. "It shows Rome in all its bloodiness and viscerality."
    on Oct 17, 2005 By: Jane Tranter Source: BBC News

  3. And though this film is darker, Radcliffe says: "It's not particularly gory, there's not any bloodiness in it, really, but it's very intense. It's very, very dark and we sort of say every year the films get darker, but they absolutely do. We have...
    on Nov 14, 2005 By: Daniel Radcliffe Source: CBS News

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