blackbird blackbird  /b ˈlæk bərd/


  1. (n) any bird of the family Icteridae whose male is black or predominantly black
  2. (n) common black European thrush


  1. It's the season when the red-winged blackbird nests and the males are particularly aggressive.
  2. The shoe, like the blackbird, incongruously becomes the focal point for all the varieties of life.
  3. In its cage the blackbird sat motionless, silent and weak from hunger.


  1. For Sale: Record-Breaking Downwind Cart. Low Miles, Newer Propeller

    If you still don't think that it's possible to travel downwind faster than the wind, Rick Cavallaro has a deal for you: He'll sell you the Blackbird, the land yacht that currently holds the record for traveling downwind at 2.8 ...        
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Wired News

  2. Blackbird Theater closes season with potent 'Oleanna'

    David Compton and Jennifer Richmond are the stars of Blackbird Theater's 'Oleanna.' / Mark Pleasant What: Blackbird Theater presents “Oleanna” When: Through Saturday.
    on June 14, 2013     Source: The Journal News

  3. Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival hosts Jeremy Denk, eighth blackbird 

    Pianist Jeremy Denk and eighth blackbird lead an all-star list of artists for the Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival's middle Saturday performance on Saturday, June 15.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: The Oakland Press


  1. "We felt like 'Blackbird' was the perfect song to use as the title track for this record," lead singer/guitarist Myles Kennedy commented. "Though a majority of the album is not as dark thematically, we really hoped to draw attention to what...
    on Jul 23, 2007 By: Myles Kennedy Source:

  2. Messiaen wrote of that opening, "Between three and four in the morning, the awakening of birds: a solo blackbird or nightingale improvises surrounded by a shimmer of sound, by a halo of trills lost very high in the trees. Transpose this onto a...
    on Feb 4, 2006 By: Olivier Messiaen Source: Arizona Republic

  3. "Billy said the Mexican Blackbird was the test of all tests," Washburn said late Friday night, as he was preparing to pitch Game 4 Saturday, which, of course, got rained out.
    on Oct 10, 2005 By: Jarrod Washburn Source: OCRegister

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