bizarreness bizarreness


  • (n) strikingly out of the ordinary



  1. They know the danger of Democrats' seeming promiscuously tolerant of all bizarreness in some aging '60s, Phil Donahue fashion.
  2. It's important to look beyond the election, though, because its bizarreness is merely masking a market that is already more confused than a Palm Beach voter.
  3. Of the many wars fought to win or defend the British Empire, it would be hard to match the Abyssinian campaign of 1868 for foolhardy ambition, bizarreness or sheer scale.



  • "When you see the groin pulls, when you see these (leg muscle) injuries, it's from the scrambles all over the place," said Flyers coach Ken Hitchcock. "The goalie is having to work twice as hard side to side. There's more bizarreness around...
    on Nov 19, 2005 By: Ken Hitchcock Source: Edmonton Sun

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