bioweapon bioweapon


  • (n) any weapon usable in biological warfare



  1. With smallpox, on the other hand, youre dealing with a highly contagious virus that, if it were used as a bioweapon, has major potential for damage.
  2. May prevent bubonic plague, but that is not the form of the disease that would likely result from a bioweapon attack.
  3. Anthrax was bad enough, but smallpox in the hands of terrorists could make a far more devastating bioweapon.


  • "In contrast to nuclear weapons, the technological hurdles are lower to develop and disseminate a bioweapon. Access to dangerous pathogens is more widespread and harder to contain. The spread of biotechnology, the difficulty of detecting such...
    on Sep 9, 2009 By: Susan Collins Source: HSToday

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