biophysicist biophysicist


  • (n) a physicist who applies the methods of physics to biology


  1. American biochemist and geneticist James Watson, left, and British biophysicist Francis Crick decipher the structure of DNA, the molecule that carries the genetic code.
  2. Many a delegate thought that the Amazon could wait, but Scientists Paulo de Barredo Carneiro, biologist, and Carlos Chagas, biophysicist, were in no waiting mood.
  3. The honored guest of Sajjid, King of Suruk, is Newton Bemis, a 29-year-old biophysicist.


  • Berlin-based startup buliding LabFolder to help scientists document experiments

    Three former researchers are now aiming for one lofty goal: to build the "Evernote for researchers." Simon Bungers is a molecular biologist, Florian Hauer is a biophysicist, and Mathias Schäffner is a software architect. Together, they developed Labfolder, a digital tool for documenting and planning experiments. In summer 2012, the startup, which was founded in […]
    on October 18, 2013     Source: MedCity News


  • "I don't consider myself a particularly olfactory person," says Turin simply, "but perfumes speak to me. I'm a scientist, a biophysicist, and did work on the mechanism of smell. My comfort zone is intense nerdiness."
    on Sep 20, 2008 By: Luca Turin Source: Independent

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