biofeedback biofeedback  /baɪ oʊ ˈfid ˌbæk/


  • (n) a training program in which a person is given information about physiological processes (heart rate or blood pressure) that is not normally available with the goal of gaining conscious control of them


  1. Some of them have been around for hundreds, even thousands, of years; others, like biofeedback, are modern techniques that have found useful niches alongside orthodox medicine.
  2. As biofeedback and other relaxation techniques gain acceptance, doctors are testing them against all sorts of ills.
  3. A series of biofeedback sessions trains sufferers to improve circulation in their hands.


  1. Really?: The Claim: Biofeedback Devices Can Lower Blood Pressure

    Biofeedback devices for blood pressure frequently offer a Zen-like approach, using music and visual cues to guide users through breathing exercises. But studies show they may have little long-term impact.        
    on June 17, 2013     Source: New York Times

  2. Meet the PIP: The stress management device for video games

    Valve isn't the only company experimenting with biofeedback in games. The PIP is a stress management device which utilizes a biosensor to reveal how stressed you are through gaming. ...
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Gamasutra

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  1. "By doing what I'm doing now - weight lifting, biofeedback and nutrition," Utley said. "People have the ability to strive to be better than they are today and to make the difference tomorrow. That's how you (walk) off Ford Field."
    on Jul 16, 2008 By: Mike Utley Source:

  2. "Programs such as biofeedback and yoga have been subjected to scientific randomized trials and have been proven to be effective," Schoomaker said.
    on Jul 2, 2010 By: Peter Schoomaker Source: Futurehealth

  3. "Meditation along with biofeedback is the perfect tool to help train you to return to your natural state of balance and wholeness," said Ornish.
    on Jun 12, 2007 By: Dean Ornish Source: PR Web (press release)

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