binomial binomial  /baɪ ˈnoʊ mi əl/


  1. (n) (mathematics) a quantity expressed as a sum or difference of two terms; a polynomial with two terms
  2. (adj) of or relating to or consisting of two terms
  3. (adj) having or characterized by two names, especially those of genus and species in taxonomies


  1. This is called the binomial theory.
  2. This is called the binomial theory.
  3. At any rate, the mixture of science and religion is curious, as if Billy Sunday had undertaken a sermon on the subject of the binomial theorem.


  1. Lehi teen recognized for new mathematical approach

    For Brock Brown, everything is related. That perspective informed his mind when he created an alternative approach to the binomial theorem as a sophomore.
    on October 30, 2013     Source: KSL Salt Lake City

  2. High School Junior Makes Big Math Discovery

    (KUTV) Lehi High School junior Brock Brown doesn't consider himself a great student â he said he gets mostly "B's".  Some would disagree with his assessment after he recently discovered an alternative to what's known in math as a binomial expansion. ...
    on October 30, 2013     Source: KUTV Salt Lake City

  3. Brock’s Theorem: High school student discovers math formula

    LEHI -- Before he learned how to drive a car, Lehi High School student Brock Brown designed a simple way to solve binomial expansions.
    on October 27, 2013     Source: Provo Daily Herald


  1. As GK Chesterton wrote, "You cannot evade the issue of God, whether you talk about pigs or the binomial theory, you are still talking about Him."
    on Apr 9, 2008 By: GK Chesterton Source: Lifesite

  2. "He's using something that's good to use -- he's using a generating series for the binomial coefficient," Vakil told everyone. "There are other ways of doing it, but this is a particularly elegant way of getting there."
    on Dec 1, 2006 By: Ravi Vakil Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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