billingsgate billingsgate


  • (n) foul-mouthed or obscene abuse


  1. Reinhold Aman is the name in pejoration, not to mention invective, vituperation, obloquy, opprobrium, objurgation, abusive epithets and billingsgate.
  2. From detractors, he prompted unprintable epithets and paroxysms of billingsgate.
  3. In a speech to Parliament, he used, for Nehru, harsh words in reply to the weeks of billingsgate that have poured from Peking's press and radio.

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  • Blow supported both Treacy and McQueen (McQueen described her as "a cross between a Billingsgate fishwife and Lucretia Borgia") early in their respective careers, putting them up in her flat in Elizabeth Street, Pimlico.
    on May 9, 2007 By: Alexander McQueen Source: Independent

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