bigamist bigamist


  • (n) someone who marries one person while already legally married to another


  1. But the Italian government forced the annulment of their marriage and branded Ponti a bigamist.
  2. In January, Gale represented a Brigham, Utah, man, who, though a bigamist, was facing four first-degree felony counts for rape of his young wife.
  3. By doing as he did any German may, it would appear, also become a guiltless bigamist.



  1. Buffett describes himself as "sort of a political bigamist at the moment."
    on Feb 12, 2008 By: Warren Buffett Source: KPTM-TV

  2. "We discovered my father was a bigamist and we've got a half-sister, so the song talks about that," Mombassa says.
    on Jun 30, 2010 By: Reg Mombassa Source: Sydney Morning Herald

  3. Wolff said he contacted Marinello that day, telling him, "I just wanted to let you know things are turning nasty. She's accusing you of being a bigamist."
    on Dec 3, 2008 By: Wolff Source: The Times-Picayune -

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