bereave bereave  /bə ˈriv/


  • (v) deprive through death


  • bereave us, Of you and the coat sleeves that covered your paws, You'll steal our poor hearts, precious .


  1. Ahmadinejad, who was in Iran's northern province of Gilan, told a large crowd that "we want talks, but they (the West) are imposing preconditions that would bereave our right."
    on Feb 20, 2007 By: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Source: Xinhua

  2. "If the Regions Party, the Socialists and the Communists bereave their supporters of the right to vote and, henceforth, they are not listed in the bulletins, it will be their political choice. Nobody will be able to object to such choice or to...
    on Apr 12, 2007 By: Yulia Tymoshenko Source: Regnum

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