behaviorism behaviorism


  • (n) an approach to psychology that emphasizes observable measurable behavior


  1. I'm not saying that all economics is like this, but, a fair amount seems to assume behaviorism, a theory I don't think very highly of.
  2. The goal of this Watsonian behaviorism was the prediction and control of behaviorwhich suited Skinner to perfection.
  3. Sir: Sociologists Simon and Gagnon have stretched behaviorism to its absurd limits with the assertion that sexuality in man is a learned behavior pattern.


  • "There’s No Free Market In Money Today" And Other Observations By Howard Marks

    Oaktree's Howard Marks, one of the better investors of his generation, is interviewed by GS' Hugo-Scott Gall on everything from investing choices, to behaviorism and trading psychology, to market cycles, to ZIRP, to the "great rotation", and last but not least, to free markets, or the lack thereof, and central planning, and what happens next. Hugo Scott-Gall: How can we understand investor ...
    on August 25, 2013     Source: Zero Hedge

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